MILES places importance on supporting its employees, as they are the key to its growth and success. For this reason, MILES invests in innovative training programmes to educate and train talented professionals and to provide existing employees with professional development. We aim to work with open people who are quick to learn and are enthusiastic, motivated and willing to apply themselves and their talents to help our company grow.
If you are interested in our training programme, please email your application to Ms Andrea Lange
The selection process is carried out according to European standards of qualification and equality. It goes without saying that we are interested in applicants of any gender. Where the necessary professional and personal requirements have been met, aspects such as background, age, nationality, etc. are not of any importance in MILES’ selection process.

Training Opportunities
Professional Traineeship: International and Wholesale Salesperson
Tertiary Studies: Dual degree carried out in cooperation with the Hamburg School of Business
Administration. For formal eligibility requirements, see: