Li & Fung

Li & Fung is a multinational enterprise and one of the world’s leading trading houses in the consumer market. Li & Fung stands in front of a proud 100 years of history in trading. The headquarters in Hong Kong coordinate over 28,000 employees worldwide, organising almost 15,000 suppliers in over 40 countries to serve almost 2,000 customers.

Network, Technology & Index
Li & Fung is a listed company in the Hang Seng Index, MSCI Index and FTSE4Good Index. In April 2009, Li & Fung landed on rank 888 of the list of the world’s 2,000 largest listed companies, with a market value of almost USD 17 billion. Ever since, the company has also been amongst the 10 best companies in Hong Kong. In 2009, Dr Victor Fung and Dr William Fung took their places in the World Retail Hall of Fame.

Among Li & Fung’s many partners are Reebok and Nike, for whom they act as sports articles procurement partner, the toys company Toys ’R’ Us, as well as many international warehouse companies. Other major members of their clientele include clothing companies Abercrombie & Fitch, Marks & Spencer and business groups such as Wal-Mart, Metro and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Li & Fung is an investment company which offers capital to promising companies regionally and globally. LFI uses the global business network and know-how of the Li & Fung Group to strategically lead the company management in the areas of global trade, distribution, exports, outsourcing, supplier chain management and financial market.

Responsibility & Foundations
Areas such as environmental protection and corporate social responsibility are particularly important for Li & Fung. This is shown through their establishment of the Li & Fung Foundation and the Li & Fung research centre.

Li & Fung Foundation: this non-profit foundation was established in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Li & Fung Group. It is used to support the employees of the Li & Fung Group around the world. Although it was originally intended to be a disaster aid organisation, this foundation, thanks to the initiative taken by its employees, has become an organisation which helps to support and develop entrepreneurship and community aid programmes.

Li & Fung Research Centre: this research institute founded by the Li & Fung Group serves as a knowledge bank for China’s economic, industrial, logistics and distribution sectors. Its research mandate covers virtually the entire spectrum of the supply chain: from the original idea, to production, distribution, retail sale right through to the end user.